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  1. I first started taking our fleet vehicles here for state inspections. they did a super job on our vehicles and at a price the local municipality could afford. Now I bring my personal vehicle here for inspections and repairs. Their work is top self. They let you know up front what the pricing will be and often give you choices for repairs to pick from. one of the biggest pluses is that they are honest. they tell you what needs fixed and what will need to be done in the future. A garage that has honesty and fair pricing……priceless

  2. I also am new to the area and went to Middletown Auto Tech at the suggestion of my son-in-law. We have been back several times with different issues (our cars are old and well broken in). The service has been excellent, and the people friendly. Where possible they suggested alternative options that were less expensive. We will keep going back. (Hopefully not too often)

  3. I am new to the area. I had been having trouble with my 2004 grand
    Cherokee. I had done some research and thought it was bad injectors or
    a fuel pump. The crew here objectively listened to my thoughts and
    gave me a call that day with a much cheaper plan to get my jeep
    running well. It has been running great. They also gave me a list of
    things I should take care of in the near future without pressuring me
    to take care of it all now. I am very happy and they will get my
    repair work in the future

  4. When my 2003 Mitsubishi Montero Sport broke down, I made a call to Middletown Auto Tech. They immediately send over a towing truck and took the car to the shop.
    Service which they provided was excellent and done in timely manner. They even picked me up at my house to come over and get my car.
    Thumbs up!! Keep up a good work.
    Thank you.

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