Transmission Service

Thirteen million transmissions fail every year due to worn out transmission fluid. Tired fluid can create poor performance.  Daily wear and tear on your transmission is typically not realized until there is a noticeable drive-ability complaint or breakdown.  By having your transmission properly serviced  every 25, 000 to 30,000 miles, your vehicle will have improved performance and increased longevity.

The fluid in a transmission is designed to do three things; create hydraulic pressure to enable the gears to shift properly, absorb and dissipate heat that is a normal result of driving, and lubricate the mechanical parts.  When transmission fluid becomes discolored, it usually is an indication that it is burnt and can no longer dissipate the heat the way it was intended.  As the fluid ages, it breaks down and collects metal debris from the transmission system leaving it vulnerable to damage or failure.  Our transmission service replaces all of the fluid in the system including the torque converter and valve bodies, flushing out debris and old fluid.  A transmission filter replacement is also recommended to help keep the transmission running at an optimal level.